Photo Cards for Aphasia Therapy

“Here is the speech corner,” my DOR proclaimed as she pointed to an empty table across the therapy gym. She directed me on where to place my belongings and remarked, before walking briskly into the hallway, “Any materials that you need are up in the cabinet.” I remember opening those cabinet doors on the first day of my very first skilled nursing facility position.  I distinctly recall the sinking feeling in my stomach when all I found was a few tongue depressors, an aphasia manual from the 80’s and a pile of haphazardly stacked worksheet copies.

Can You Relate?

If you are a clinician with limited access to paid photo cards but are looking for some to incorporate into your treatment sessions then these photo cards are for you. I recommend printing the cards on high quality photo paper or cardstock for durability.


In case You Want an Upgrade… 

If you have access to an iPad for work then I highly recommend Naming Therapy from Tactus Therapy, which contains 700 high quality images with built-in data collection and a cue hierarchy. You can make flashcards, select categories and even email the results! Such a great deal!

If you don’t have access to an iPad you could also consider the Linguisystems Just for Adults Apraxia Photo Cards for over 300 photo cards for aphasia and apraxia.  You can arrange words by phonetic complexity from VC and CV word forms to multisyllable words and also use a systematic cueing hierarchy.

What am I Downloading Here for Free Now?

Photos of or related to:

  • household items
  • food
  • farm & country living

Download the Photo Cards Here…






2 comments on “Photo Cards for Aphasia Therapy

  1. Nannette Crawford

    Thank you. Nannette Crawford MA CCC-SLP

  2. Dear jessica

    I like you also made the leap from peads to adult neuro…that was three years ago…and the best decision of my slp career. I just want to thank you for sharing your phenomenal resources with other slps. They are beautiful and so effective. Keep sharing!
    Lots of love and appreciation
    From south africa

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