Cognitive-Communication Checklist


Here is a very helpful checklist that describes cognitive-communication behaviors and how they fit into the ‘big picture’.  Use this checklist as a reference tool for identifying cognitive-communication deficits after brain injury.


Go to the original site here to download the checklist:

Cognitive-Communication Checklist After Brain Injury

Do you sometimes struggle to see the functional relationships between cognitive skills and communication? Consider adding this checklist to your therapy toolbox.

Thank you Sheila MacDonald for producing this valuable reference tool and providing it to speech-language pathologists free of charge.


3 comments on “Cognitive-Communication Checklist

  1. Thank you! I care for y 87 year old Dad who has Dementia, I get little respite, but having raised 2 of 3 with special needs…a memory dropped from my youngest intense early intervention now 24.6 years ago…I recalled the OT’s, Physio’s and Speech visiting our home in Darwin NT Australia…and I took on an hour of each each day for this angel and my twins helped their youngest sibling achieve…but it was the Speech putting red dots on the wall and giving her a plastic spray bottle and saying …F sound the red dots are ‘flies’…F sound for spraying the flies, not sure who had more fun the twins or their youngest sibling…so with Dementia confusing my Dad and we are both Defence Vets…I am the one on the gold card ironically…I could not find what I needed either at dementia or Alzheimer and then pictorial…a word from my past…and I found this sight…the free down load of pictures…yes made ones to suit his needs…he came down to his bedroom to do a recon…(old soldiers I tell you!) looked at all the labels and colours and words…and a sparkle came to his eyes…where confusion was and is…now he has confidence if just a little…gave me a salute ‘now I know where my kit is’…and off he shuffled. Thank you…is not enough…I knew what I needed…and I found it here.

  2. A wonderful list and thanks for sharing

  3. Jennifer Sissingh

    The CCCABI is a great tool for both SLT and client to identify communication changes and develop communication goals.

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