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Step-By-Step Session Planning

Here are some quick considerations I try to make when pressed for time, both before and after a session, to help with data collection and review of performance.


  • Short Term Goal (STG):______________________________
  • Functional Therapy Task to Meet STG: ______________________________
  • Why This Task? How Does It Relate to Patient-Centered Goals?_____________________
  • Goal of Therapy Task: ______________________________
  • Therapy Task:__________________________


Short Term Goal (STG):

Utilize trained memory strategies to demo 90% recall of functional information (visual/verbal) during isolated therapy tasks after a short delay (2-5 mins)

Why this Task? How Does It Relate to Patient Goals?

Patient is concerned that he can no longer recall his own telephone number, passwords and work/home address since his injury and hospitalization.

Goal of Therapy Task:

Use memory strategies of (1) writing down new information and (2) auditory rehearsal 3x per stimulus (3) chunking numbers to improve recall of personally-relevant information

Therapy Task to Meet STG:

Read patient a personally-relevant 7-digit phone number (pharmacy, favorite take-out restaurant, home phone, etc.). Utilize trained memory strategies. Alternate attention to personally-relevant activity (something patient would do at home such as newspaper reading, puzzles, iPad game, card game, etc.) during forced delay. After delay patient is to recall phone number.

Have Patient Perform Self Evaluation

  • Was information recalled? Why or why not?
  • How can he/she be more successful in the future?
  • Were strategies effective or not? What can we change?
  • Is this task functional? How can we make it more personally relevant?




1 comment on “Step-By-Step Session Planning

  1. susan rubin

    I saw your examples of templates for speech therapy notes. They are great can you give some examples of templates with the blanks filled in for dysphagia therapy?

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