Activities Calendar Task

Communication specialists are tasked with the goal of enhancing functional communication skills for optimal social and life participation.  During my time as a clinician in skilled nursing facilities, I noticed a pattern…referrals for decline in function often corresponded to residents with low frequency of quality social participation.  These individuals lacked initiation, motivation and the ability to follow through with goals of participating more often.  Additionally, they were missing out on the opportunity to practice discourse skills that we targeted in our therapy sessions, due to this social isolation.




This calendar is a tool to help encourage more frequent opportunities for conversational discourse via social participation outside of therapy sessions.  I hope the use of this calendar encourages accountability, executive functioning (goal-setting behavior and self-monitoring for follow through) and prospective memory (optional).  It can

Orientation Worksheet

Depending on the cognitive level of the resident you may need to orient them to you facilities calendar. Be sure to have copy for them. Please it in their memory book or on the wall. If you work in a facility with a large calendar in the main lobby then ask the activities department to make weekly/monthly copies for you.

Weekly Activities Schedule Worksheet

Read through the instructions. Place in memory book or on the wall. Consider spending a portion of your therapy session in the activity with the resident (if appropriate) to provide skilled feedback on attention, command follow, communication, etc. and assess functional carryover in a group environment


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