Free Dementia and Dysphagia Resource

Some of you may be familiar with this packet.  I found the techniques and strategies listed inside to be very helpful during my first year in a SNF with limited resources and only 1 dysphagia textbook from graduate school.  Many of the ideas were used to train non-clinical staff during in-services or to help develop functional maintenance plans for staff.

Although the first 1/2 of the packet is a very basic run-down of normal swallowing, dysphagia symptoms and diet modifications, the second 1/2 contains hundreds of tips for managing feeding issues related to cognitive decline.  I especially appreciated the list of finger food options.

What may be most useful to you are pages 22-50 ‘Troubleshooting Issues During Mealtimes’.




Griffin, A., Hollingworth, L., Tyberek, M., Vourgaslis, J. Czapnik, D. and McNeill-Brown (2009). Dining with dementia. LaTrobe University.


6 comments on “Free Dementia and Dysphagia Resource

  1. All your posts have helped me soooooo much! first year working at a SNF and now have so many activities and ideas! thank you!

  2. Ooo the link is broken 😦 I would’ve loved this handout


    Hi these materials are so appreciated!
    Thank you.

  4. I work in a LTC/Rehab setting with adults. We need a new system for alerting staff to persons on thickened liquids. We now use wrist bands that no one seems to pay attention to. What are others doing to alert staff? Can’t post much due to HIPPAA but there must be a better way…

  5. All of the information that you provide is great! Love this resource. Thank you for sharing!

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