Free Dementia and Dysphagia Resource


Some of you may be familiar with this packet.  I found the techniques and strategies listed inside to be very helpful during my first year in a SNF with limited resources and only 1 dysphagia textbook from graduate school.  Many of the ideas were used to train non-clinical staff during in-services or to help develop functional maintenance plans for staff.

Although the first 1/2 of the packet is a very basic run-down of normal swallowing, dysphagia symptoms and diet modifications, the second 1/2 contains hundreds of tips for managing feeding issues related to cognitive decline.  I especially appreciated the list of finger food options.

What may be most useful to you are pages 22-50 ‘Troubleshooting Issues During Mealtimes’.





Griffin, A., Hollingworth, L., Tyberek, M., Vourgaslis, J. Czapnik, D. and McNeill-Brown (2009). Dining with dementia. LaTrobe University.

3 comments on “Free Dementia and Dysphagia Resource

  1. All your posts have helped me soooooo much! first year working at a SNF and now have so many activities and ideas! thank you!

  2. Ooo the link is broken 😦 I would’ve loved this handout

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