Cognitive Strategies


[ ] SELF-TALK: “Am I focused on the task?” Silently remind yourself to “Pay Attention”.

[ ] REST: Take a quick break and then try to focus again



[ ] SEE IT: Visualize what you need to remember.

[ ] REPEAT IT: Verbally repeat it aloud 2-3 times.

[ ] WRITE IT: Write it down.

[ ] RETELL IT: Summarize what you just heard or read


[ ] UNDERSTAND: Be sure you understand the task directions.

[ ] PREDICT: What will be hardest for you? What can you change to make it easier?

[ ] PLAN: Don’t be impulsive. Plan your actions carefully.

[ ] EVALUATE: Double check your work before submitting. What was challenging? Why? How can you improve next time?


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Optimizing Cognitive Rehabilitation by McKay Moore Sohlberg






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