Coupons in Therapy

Coupons are easy to find, cut out, laminate and use for a variety of activities.  Here are a few ideas of how I incorporate coupons in treatment sessions.

Math Calculation and Money Management

Label coupons with fake regular prices and sale price  

  • Calculate difference in price between regular price vs. sale price.  How much are you saving?
  • Calculate total of several items together at the sale price.
  • Calculate the total with your states % of sales tax.

Auditory Comprehension

  • Barrier Task: Clinician chooses a coupon and provides 3 descriptions (function, use, association, location of use, visual description, etc.).  Patient guesses item based on clinician’s description.
    • Make it easier by providing a field choice of 3+ coupons prior to verbal description.

Verbal Expression

  • Associations: Choose a coupon (example- salad dressing).  Have patient list 3 items that are associated with that grocery item (example – lettuce, tomato, croutons).
  • Description/ Elaboration/ Word Finding/ Sentence Construction: Choose a coupon.  Have patient provide 2 salient details for each item. (example – salad dressing… 1- it’s liquid, 2- poured over salad, etc.)
  • Divergent Naming: Choose a coupon (for example – cereal).  Have patient list 3 more of the same type of grocery item. (Frosted Flakes, Cheerios, Rice Krispies, etc.)

Thought Organization

  • Categorization: Provide category cards (see picture above for examples) and let patient group coupons according to their appropriate category. Categories can be simple (food, tools) or more complex (dairy, meat, childcare, office supplies vs. kids school supplies, etc.)
  • Sequencing: Use coupons to discuss the steps for creating dishes or perform ADLs containing those grocery items. Coupons for cooking and cleaning supplies are very useful here.

 How do you incorporate coupons in your therapy sessions? Leave a comment below to share ideas!


1 comment on “Coupons in Therapy

  1. What a great idea! I’ll have to start saving coupons…

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