Math Calculation & Money Management Strategies

Easy math and money strategy list for patients to improve self monitoring and and performance during math calculation and billing tasks.

1. Take your time with all calculations.

2. Use a calculator or adding machine.

3. Check your work at least once, possibly twice.

4. Concentrate on what you are doing and minimize distractions.

5. Concentrate on whether you are adding [+] or subtracting [-].

6. Make sure to line up the numbers correctly (draw lines for columns or use graph paper, if needed).

7. Verbally talk yourself through the calculations.


8. Make sure your entries are written in the correct places in your checkbook register (deposit [+], withdrawals/checks [-], balance [=]).

9. Make sure all entries/amounts are written correctly. Look over the check number, date, amount, and name/place. Remember to record all information into the checkbook register.

10. Make sure to add [+] deposits and subtract [-] checks/payments.

*Please note that I did not create this list of strategies

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