FREE Printable: Memory Action Plan




This activity encourages intentional use of memory strategies in the situations needed most, according to each individual client.  The action plan is a visual tool to guide your patient through

  • selecting memory targets
  • developing a plan for improved recall
  • self-monitoring follow-through for recall
  • and finally re-evaluating the strategy for effectiveness and relevance

This process is individualized, interactive and can be highly motivating for patient’s able to identify functional recall deficits.


Examples of Functional Memory Targets

  • Names: spouse, children, grandchildren, friends, co-workers
  • Electronics: login passwords, usernames, pin, contact numbers
  • ADLs: sequencing, items needed for an activity
  • Orientation: place, activity schedule, time
  • Medications: type & dosage, schedule, special instructions
  • Precautions: safety, call-light, hip, spinal, aspiration
  • Schedule: upcoming appointments, events, home health visits
  • Frequently Lost Items: location

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